Our Companies: Three Innovation Maestros

CoreAgri is a leading international producer of specialty fertilizers as well as liquid and dry micronutrients that assist distributors, farmers and gardeners in reaching their best crop ever. With production facilities in California, Texas and Tennessee, CoreAgri develops products that remain unmatched in the industry including:

  • micronutrient fertilizer products
  • EDTA micronutrients
  • GreenSun brand sulfur bentonite fertilizers
  • foliar sprays
  • water soluble products
  • plant desiccants
  • organic and sustainable plant nutrition products

For more information, visit www.coreagri.com.


CoreSulphur, Inc. is the world’s only full-service sulphur forming and sulphur bentonite fertilizer project operator. Through its Core-Drop Turnkey Sulphur Solutions™, CoreSulphur:

  • provides Engineering, Procurement, and Technology (EPT) services around the globe
  • designs, engineers, installs, maintains and operates sulphur operations around the globe
  • providing highly efficient sulphur fertilizer plants
  • delivers involuntary producers of molten sulphur, such as refiners of oil and natural gas, a comprehensive range of solutions, including the forming of sulphur, fertilizer production, and BOO structures.

These unique services allow CoreSulphur to globally expand the reach of sulphur fertilizers.

For more information, visit www.coresulphur.com.

CoreFluids, makers of NOxBLUE

CoreFluids, LLC is a leading full-service supplier of high purity urea-based reagents and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) for power plant operators and transportation markets worldwide. As a leader in clean reagent production and distribution, CoreFluids delivers environmentally sound products that greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and diesel engines, providing its API certified NOxBLUE™ DEF solution in a variety of delivery options. CoreFluids also serves as a premier partner and designer for fully integrated hardware, dispensing, large bulk storage systems, and stand-alone DEF terminals for commercial and retail businesses.

For more information, visit www.corefluids.com.